What To Plant During The Summer Months

What To Plant During The Summer Months

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During the summer months when light levels are at their highest, what should you be planting in your garden or vegetable patch to keep things looking vibrant and interesting?

So long as you commit to watering regularly, most things will thrive at this time of year, with gardens bursting into life. Even if you don’t have a full garden, you can enjoy a burst of colour from pots, containers, and hanging baskets.

Hardy perennials

You can plant out things like dianthus, delphiniums, lupins and echinacea to fill out green borders and add colour to places where spring flowering shrubs once livened things up. They’ll also be welcome food for bees and butterflies, and make lovely cut flowers to brighten up your home!

Lavender is also a great choice, although it is technically a shrub. It can work well in containers on patios, or in borders near the front. It is hardy during dry periods due its Mediterranean roots and smells rather lovely too.

Looking ahead to the end of summer we spoke to Blaupunkt Tools to see if they had any recommendations and they told us “If you live by the seaside or you have poor soil where you live, Sedums are a lovely choice for late summer flowering, and they even flower into November sometimes. Bees and butterflies will appreciate this late source of nectar, and they are one of the easiest plants you can grow in your garden.”


Biennials won’t flower this year but will bloom next year instead. They prefer to be planted outside in late summer and autumn which allows them to establish their roots over the winter before flowering.

If you love cut flowers you will enjoy having some biennials ready next year as they will be some of the first things to flower. Wallflowers are a favourite in any biennial bed, and foxgloves, sweet william, and honesty also make beautiful additions.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to which biennials to plant this year, this post from Sarah Raven talks you through some of her favourites.


If you’re afraid that it’s too late to start planting veg once summer has arrived, there are a few that will actually thrive and give you great results.

Broccoli can still be sown in June and is a fast-growing easy crop to enjoy. Carrots are best planted in late July and early August. This gives the seeds the best chance to produce carrots in the autumn months. Beginners might want to try easy crops like Beans, courgettes, and rocket.

Leafy things also work well in the summer, and lettuce can be planted from around June, right up until the end of September and possibly even October. Spinach is a great crop to grow all year round, and summer varieties will want a little bit of shade during the hotter months. Spinach planted in late August or early September will need protecting with a cold frame or thick mulch throughout the winter but will mean that you can harvest in the spring.

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