Try out the variations of reclaimed wood flooring antiques

Try out the variations of reclaimed wood flooring antiques

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If you are fond of housing, you can try out the different variations of reclaimed wooden floor antiques. Reclaimed wooden floors add to the elegance of your home. They are long-lasting in nature, and you can elevate the looks of your interiors by integrating the right type of floor in your home. Here are certain variations of the reclaimed wood floors that you can try out.

Antique walnut flooring

Walnut flooring is popular among homeowners, looking for the right mix of elegance and beauty in their homes. This type of flooring is slightly dark in shade, and the planks are fairly wide. You may opt for a burnish on the floor. Make sure that the other design elements in your room maintain a coherency with the floor.

Antique harvest planks

If you want the raw colour of wood to beautify your floors, you can go for the antique harvest planks. This type of flooring does not have a smooth finish, instead, you will be able to please your eyes with the raw white colour of wood. The planks of wood are thin in this particular type of flooring. It comes with certain natural marks on the wood, which makes it look more natural.

Antique maple flooring

Maple wood is extensively used for flooring. These floors are durable and come with the desired visual impact for the homeowners. You can enjoy the polish of the floors, which makes the room look bright and elegant. These floors, too, come with the natural wooden marks on the planks. These planks are wide, and enhances the looks of your interiors.

When you look out for antiques for your home, you can also get a matching cabinet or furniture, with the same texture of wood. Explore more ideas on the website, and integrate your home with the same. This will give your interiors a sophisticated look.

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