Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Shelving

Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Shelving

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The ever-increasing demand for more storage space in homes and commercial offices make it difficult to keep track of your personal belongings. This leads to a working environment where it’s easy to misplace important documents. Therefore, it’s always advisable to invent ways of keeping your records safe and organized.

Mobile and 4-post shelving offer a viable solution to your storage problems by condensing all of your documents into less space while enhancing accessibility, organization, and ergonomics. These types of systems are perfect for work environments with limited storage space. Here are some of the top benefits of mobile shelving.

It Increases Floor Space

Imagine constructing a wall in your office to create shelves, will you have sufficient floor space for your other needs? Most of the mobile shelves can be arranged like aisles of shelves in a standard library with some units going wide and deep.

Installing a mobile shave can save you floor space by up to 50 percent which leaves you with enough room for your other office needs. These units can also be moved along to offer access to other units that may be placed closer to the wall.

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They Are Easily Customizable

Just like 4-post shelving solutions, mobile shelves can easily be customized in regards to both their height and the type of materials that they store. Your supplier can accessorize the mobile shelve to accommodate a wide variety of media such as paper and hanging folders, backup cartridges as well as computer tapes.

The mobile shelves can also accommodate DVD media and CD ROMs and even images. The most significant advantage of mobile shelves is that they can be accessed on demand. Documents stored in mobile shelves can be organized and cataloged efficiently to reduce access time and enhance productivity.

They Are Cost-Effective

You will notice that a mobile shelving system is a cost-effective solution to your storage problems compared to the traditional filing system. A mobile shelving system can provide you with more storage in the same space at a less or similar cost of setting up a conventional filing system. The mobile shelving system will also free up much of your floor space providing you with a spacious and comfortable working environment.

Improved Document Security

Although most of the mobile storage systems having locking devices, some mobile shelving systems have programmable systems which offer you the ultimate document security that you desire especially if you deal with highly sensitive documents.

The programmable security features offer both on-site and remote access to documents. You are 100 percent sure that only authorized individuals can gain access to the documents stored on the shelves. This improves efficiency and offers you easier access to what you need most to remain productivity at your workplace.

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