Selecting The Right Tile

Selecting The Right Tile

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The tile industry has been serving for interior decorations from times of old. The Ceramic and Porcelain tile employ the PEI scale for rating their wear. Classification from 1 to 5 is available with areas of high traffic like the kitchen having class 3 for better strength. Most resistant to abrasion is class PEI 5while least resistant is PEI 1. There is little pressure on wall tiles,unlike the floor tiles which is always subjected to wear and tear. Natural stones are also used for floor designs with long lasting durability,but it is natural and the scale used for ceramics and porcelain is not applicable to it. Some factors to look into before selecting a choice of tiles that befits your envisioned interior beauty includes getting your tiles from brands such as Carreaux Metro that offer quality tiles. The following tips will also be of great help:


The color a tile can affect the overall look and feel of your home. Darker tile conservesair and produces warmth while lighter ones make a room seems larger. The color of individual tile could vary despite having an identical appearance which creates character and depth. A few pieces can be laid to see how it would appear before installation to decide if the choice meets expected outlook.

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Different sections of the house need to be considered when choosing a tile. Areas with more activities like the kitchen, entryways,and bathroom must not be laid with tiles with alow coefficient of friction to avoid slipping during walking. Polished marbles are usually recommended.Countertops must be easy to clean and the tiles used must be tolerant to cleaning solution. Make sure you feel the texture before selection and purchase.


Recent technology uses innovative digital approaches to recreate the look of natural stones that the difference is minimal. Tumbled marble is always in use and suits many patterns. Areas with high traffic spaces are best designed with wood look tile giving a natural feel and better than thetraditional wood floor.


Grout lines can be concealed choosing grout colors that match the tiles.This gives a neat and decent appearance to suit aesthetic feel. Contrasting colors make individual tiles stand out,and it can be too loud. It is better to get advice from a tile consultant when making a choice for grout that is stain proof and easy to clean and also grout colorants that can be used for restoration of old grouts.

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