Is a Dog Door Right for Your Home?

Is a Dog Door Right for Your Home?

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A dog door allows your pet to go in and out of your house without requiring your help. This makes them ideal if there’s no one around the house to attend to the dog during the day. It allows the dog to comfortably go out for nature calls as well as get its dose of the outdoors without interrupting the owner’s schedule.

Technological have made it possible to have electronic dog doors as opposed to the conventional flaps. Dog doors can be installed on the main door, or onto a house’s siding depending on the owner’s preference. While some are easy to install and the owners can do it themselves, others will require a professional. However, it all begins with getting the right size, which you’ll do if you consider the following:-

  • The Dog’s Width

Measure the widest part of your dog’s body, which would be the shoulders or hips. The dog door should be at least two inches wider than its width.

  • The Dog’s Height

Measure from the shoulders to the paws as the dog will duck in order to open the door. The door should be at least two inches higher than the length acquired.

  • The Dog’s Weight

While the dog flap will work for smaller and lighter dogs, they might not be ideal for the larger dogs. The dog’s weight will determine how long your dog door will last.

  • The Dog’s Age

Consider the current age of your dog before you decide on a specific dog door type. This is especially so if your dog is very young so that you do not have to replace it after every few months as the dog grows.

Having established the size of the dog door ideal for your pet, you can then look into the different types to establish what would work best for you.

Dog Door Types

Flap Doors

These are perhaps the most common dog doors due to their reasonable price and ease of installation. You only need to cut a part of your door and install a flap. However, look out for a flap material that will not rust due to exposure to humidity or easily break.

Slidings Door

These are ideal if you do not want the hassle of drilling through your wall or cutting a part of your door. The sliding dog door is inserted as part of your sliding door and screwed onto its frame. It can also be secured with your door’s sliding door lock. The only disadvantage is that these dog doors are limited to glass sliding doors.

Electronic Doors

These are similar to flap doors with the only exception being that these are electronically operated. This makes them more secure as you can lock and unlock the door once the dog gets in or out to deter other animals.

Keep in mind that other animals might crawl into the house and have the dog door installed a few inches above the ground. Children too could crawl in and out of the dog door. Make sure you perform some due diligence before installing one.

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