Get enjoyed with the breezing atmosphere at your home

Get enjoyed with the breezing atmosphere at your home

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It is an undeniable fact that the planet we are living today is increasing its temperature day by day. We feel hot, especially during noon time. In fact, people in Pakistan suffered from too much heat that reaches approximately 122.4 degrees Fahrenheit (50.2 Celsius) reliably measured during the month of April this year. Speaking of hotness, Aqua Science discovers a new innovative way of getting us cooler. Introducing Fanfx, a whole new and the best outdoor misting fan can give you that best chillness on a hot weather.

Mist on the fan.

Fanfx provides complete evaporation through the atomization of the water. They had increased the water pressure to 1000 psi: when the water is pressed through its nozzles, as a result, the mist is flash evaporated into the air and surrounding environment. The process decreases atmosphere’s air temperature by as much as 30 degrees and cools down the environment rather than simply providing a curtain of mist like traditional in-line systems.

Fanfx features:

  • 10 nozzles provide 360 degrees of cooling mist.
  • Professional installation to existing ceiling fan structure or from an attractive pole mount.
  • 120V/60hz/2.3A
  • 18 diameter provides 15-20 cool mist
  • Dimensions are: 16.5″ h x 18″ w; 30lbs

Fanfx benefits:

  • Great for deep and interior patios
  • Cools patio space up to 30 degrees
  • Flexibility with mist or fan mode only
  • Cooler air temperatures from flash evaporation.
  • These Fanfx features and benefits can make it the best outdoor misting fan.

Fanfx Mist Fans versus Regular Misting System

Not much is different. They use the same technology as the traditional mist curtain installations do. In a high rate, water is pressurized through a pump and pressed out of the nozzles that surround the fan. When water meets hot air, it will flash evaporates, resulting to a fine mist. Mist fan reduces air temperature up to 30 degrees. In addition, the fan can switch into “mist only,” “fan only” or “fan/mist mode”.

Professional systems

Professional systems really differ from HIS or Home Improvement Systems for which they use a high-pressure pump to raise the water pressure of the system. Atomization of water is needed or required to have true misting, which means the water pressure should be increased in ranges higher than what would be considered safe for use at home. Water pressure reaches between 60 psi and 100 psi are used by most homes: the pump that is being installed will make the water pressure increase up to 1000 psi, which presses the water into minute particles and the flash evaporates when the time it hits the hot air. A very fine mist is a combination of water and hot air. Utilizing the tools properly in a misting system will allow you to stand under it without getting wet.

Why choose Aqua Science?

Their mission is to create a lifetime relationship including the community and the clients by surpassing their expectations through service, education, and solutions. Aqua Science doesn’t only have their mission but they are living their mission every day. They offer solutions for pool heating, water treatment, patio misting and heating and solar water heating. Each of their product is purely grounded in science and well-engineered to give the best solution possible.

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