Challenges that Graffiti Removal Companies Face

Challenges that Graffiti Removal Companies Face

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First, you must understand that graffiti is a term that describes undesirable painting, scratching or etching onto public or private property and thus is known as vandalism. This means it is a crime to put up those graffiti in a majority of cities. Additionally, you are required to report those cases but many of these graffiti crimes go without being reported.

Secondly the different forms of graffiti are rather important information to know. The graffiti that you see on the street or anywhere else falls under the following categories.

  • Gang Graffiti

These are symbols and messages that are used by gangs to mark their territory. It may also be seen as a violent threat or message to its members or a rival gang.

  • Copycat Graffiti

This graffiti mimics original graffiti which can be from a gang or street artist.

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  • Taggers

Tagger graffiti appears in different regions. Sometimes known as a “signature”, if it appears alongside graffiti.  It also represents a form of acknowledgement of the graffiti.

  • Conventional Graffiti

This form is associated with young people and it represents energy and excitement in people.

  • Ideology

Finally, we have those that convey a message of politics, race, gender and other Ideological campaigns. Graffiti that conveys ideas –  especially of a political nature -happens mostly during campaign times.

So when you are removing the graffiti you will know which form it is. Furthermore you will be able to organize a removal schedule.

In that case we can now see the challenges that graffiti removal companies may face.

Cumulative Effect

This is where a single graffiti piece is duplicated in a region. Additionally, the graffiti incident can be duplicated for a long time. This is costly, especially to the removal companies.

Violent Gangs

Secondly, some graffiti which is associated with gangs and violence is hard to remove. This is because of threats from the gang members. For instance, a cleaner may be threatened by a gang for removing their symbol in the street. Therefore, this may pose as a challenge to remove graffiti in those areas that are controlled by gangs.

Location of the Graffiti

Mostly these perpetrators put graffiti in tough areas that are hard to reach. Furthermore, they also target public areas which may be challenging to remove due to distraction and inconvenience.

The Medium Used

Lastly, the material or compound used for the graffiti can be a challenge to the remover. Despite being ready with the tools the graffiti removal companies face this challenge constantly. This is because of ever changing innovations and new forms of graffiti.

In conclusion, the removal company may not face the same challenges. Additionally they may face challenges that have not been highlighted above. Regardless these companies play a big role in keeping the street clear of graffiti.

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