Antique panels you can choose from when you redesign your home

Antique panels you can choose from when you redesign your home

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If you are planning to redesign your home, you might be thinking of installing antique panels. Well, home enthusiasts would love to explore the wide range of collection of these Antique panels. Wooden panels enrich the beauty of your interiors to a significant extent. Besides, when you go for these antique panels, you can add a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Here are certain unique antique panel ideas that you can choose from.

Aged European oak panels

These panels come with the texture of reclaimed wood. Mostly, people opt for lighter shades of oak wood panels. However, you can choose a darker shade, if it suits your interiors. These panels look elegant and you can get one of the aged European oak panels for your home. You will love the texture and design of the wood. Customize the oak panels for your interiors, so that they seamlessly merge into the settings.

Geometric floor panels

Geometric floor panels come across various patterns. The colour and design of these patterns can be customized, according to the needs. These floor panels can enrich the looks of your interiors to a great extent. It has the texture of reclaimed wood and is known for its durability.

Floor panels with bespoke colours

You can go for floor panels with bespoke colours, tailoring it according to the needs of your interiors. This type of panels comes with a refined texture and infuse your home with a contemporary look. The planks are integrated in the floor in the desired pattern, and it elevates the beauty of your interiors.

Apart from these, you can also go for other flooring ideas. The popularity of Antique floors has been increasing over the years. You can also choose floors made of cabin wood, reclaimed wood and so on. Integrate the right flooring design in your home to leverage its looks.

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