5 Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

5 Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

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Homeowners often make mistakes as they strive to design homes that reflect their personalities. In fact, expert interior designers even encounter challenges from time to time. The process of decorating a home is different from what’s depicted on an antique farmhouse blog. Truth be told, it can be really overwhelming and time-consuming. Inasmuch as you are allowed to break a few home décor rules, try your best to avoid these mistakes.

  • Rushing the entire process

It’s impossible to complete a decorating project at once no matter how hard you try. Failing to exercise patience can distract you from focusing on the big picture. Outline how each room will function prior to buying furniture. Decorating a home is a gradual process that can take several weeks or months. There will be plenty of room for adjustment after completing the project. As you shop around, don’t fall into the temptation of buying everything you need at once.  

  • Displaying all your favorite items

This mistake is very common, especially among homeowners with a small space. Even though you still cherish your collectibles and accent pieces, ensure that you use them in moderation. The ideal thing is to keep the excess items in a safe place as you may need them later. Consider swapping your accessories depending on the season or when you feel like switching the look of your home. Taking this step is the key to living in a less cluttered home.  

  • Ignoring scale and proportion

Everyone wants a home that feels welcoming year in and out. Scale and proportion are among the essential elements of design. Both will give your home a harmonizing effect once you get them right. It doesn’t matter whether you use high-end furniture or accent pieces. The bottom line is that they should be appropriate for the available space. In addition, purchase the ones you can move around easily whether you want antique farmhouse décor or any other style. It’s better to hang an artwork at eye level or install a huge pendant lamp to balance everything in case you have a high ceiling.

  • Trying to match every item

Some homeowners still want their sofas, curtains and other accessories to be in matching colors. Opt for a cohesive look instead of a uniform one. The latter is unappealing and will fail to reveal your personal touch. Experiment with different patterns, texture, and colors that are complementary. Mixing traditional materials with modern ones are allowed in any décor styles.  

  • Following the latest trends

Overcome the pressure of following every design trend that you see online or offline. It’s not advisable to follow a particular style because everyone seems to be delving into it. You need to ask yourself whether you really like it to avoid wasting resources. Trends will continue to change, but a personal style that is well defined can stand the test of time. Don’t hesitate to check a resourceful farmhouse blog for cool inspirations when designing your home.

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